CBSE Examination Software in Noida

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released new guidelines for evaluation of the students for secondary classes. The board has made it mandatory from June 2010, for all CBSE schools to follow the CCE guidelines while preparing report cards for STD- IX and X.

The CCE system is truly a revolutionary way of grading in India as this report card provides a holistic view of a student's progress not only in the academic but also in the co-scholastic areas under which he/she would be graded on life skills, including thinking, social and emotional skills, attitudes and values.

Detailed mark sheets and examination reports of students can also be uploaded on the website for CBSE examination software. It can be used for creating mark sheets to suit the standards of CBSE examination software. It provides excellent model test papers as per weight, age, and patterns of CBSE Boards.

CBSE examination software is a tool which helps to monitor the development of students and help them to look up at their performances. This software tool will act as an effective interaction link between the parents and teachers and grant them data to scrutinize and evaluate the students overall performance in procession with the goals set for the academic year.

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