CCE Examination Software in Delhi

CBSE has commenced a new education system for learners of 6th to 10th grades called CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation). CCE endeavors at evaluating all aspects of studentís growth by conducting numerous tests throughout the year without any repetitions in the curriculum of the final exams. CCE is versatile educational software that is up to date with modern ways of conducting examination.

CCE pattern is not just based on the examination but also focuses on student assessment. Through feedback forms and survey facilities this can be achieved effectively maintaining the standards of CBSE board of education system. Development of Software on CCE framework as contained in the Teacherís Manual and other appropriate material available on the CCE portal of the Boardís website.

CCE covers all aspects of studentís development with both Formative and Summative Assessment. Students can keep a track of their assessment in real-time, and with regard to Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment, they can analyze their strengths and weakness, and incorporate the suggestions by the teachers to improve their performance. This also empowers students with self-assessment.

Parents can keep a tab of the Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment conducted by the teachers throughout the year on both scholastic and co-scholastic areas, and is updated on what remedial actions have been suggested by the teacher to their ward on their weaknesses and how the students have incorporated the same.

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